Sunday, October 27, 2013

A view from the tent.
There is joy to be found in the embracing of opposites.
Spring seems all the sweeter following a harsh winter. 
A glass of iced tea tastes more heavenly after mowing the lawn in muggy August.
Kicking off your shoes and putting your feet up feels more sublime after a good day's work.
And a long, leisurely, hot shower equals ecstasy after a weekend of camping, especially in October.
Where there's a yin, there's a yang.
   Our annual camping trip last weekend embraced the opposites of wet and dry, as a 30 percent chance of rain became 100 percent reality for a couple hours on Saturday night. We were prepared, tarps up, before the (relatively) brief deluge hit.
   And the fire never died.

Friday, October 4, 2013

My October obsession ...
There's a saying I'm fond of:
A sorrow shared is halved; a joy shared is doubled.
The second part of that certainly came true for me this morning, as I ate my first pumpkin pancakes of the season at the Village Diner.
A dear friend joined me in the breakfast sublime. 
Wonderful food, heart-warming company.
 Much more than a momentary joy.