Thursday, May 29, 2014

A bird with color sense.
   Now and then my brain makes me laugh by pulling the wrong word out of the drawer.
I once told my husband I found his missing sock “in between the two hamsters” in the laundry room. (In case you’re wondering, we keep no rodents there.)
Sometimes my brain creates its own words, and I say them anyway. My favorite concoction: “shalt and pekker sapers.” You know, what everyone keeps a pair of in their kitchen.
On Monday my husband and I visited the Philadelphia Zoo. Watching a certain bird display its magnificent fantail, we heard a woman’s excited voice behind us: 
“Oh look, a flamingo! A … uh … uh … a parakeet! Oh, I said ‘parakeet.’ It’s a peacock.”

I think her brain and mine could be good friends.