Monday, June 21, 2010

Driving along on Father's Day, I caught the credits for "Weekend Edition Sunday" on 91-FM, my local public radio station. (Give today!)
    Instead of the usual rundown of producers, editors, etc., I heard this, with the voice changing at each new name:
    "This is NPR's Weekend Edition ... directed by Robert Wharton's son Ned, and produced by ... Jim Kenin's daughter Justine, ... Dave Breslow's son Peter ... Kimberly Adams, daughter of Albert Adams Jr. ..." On the list went, 19 names in all, ending with the host saying, "And I'm Edwin S. Hansen's daughter, Liane."
    I teared up, listening; in those various voices you could hear affection, pride, humor, love.
    Later that day I got to be with my dad at a wonderful dinner, cooked by my mom in the house where I grew up.
    I know how lucky that makes me.
    Today, I'll sign off as Joe Slobodzian's fourth (and final) kid, Cathy.

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  1. I'm so glad you're back and writing... First time I've checked in a while, and I smiled while reading your reflection on this day. As JohnO and I heard the same credits that morning, we stopped whatever it was we were doing and listened carefully, tearfully, gratefully... missing our own fathers, and yet filled with the same pride, love, and deep affection for all they gave us. What a lovely tribute that was. Thank you for reminding me just now.