Thursday, July 8, 2010

If you live on the East Coast, you may have noticed the temperature climbing of late. Indeed, when I got in my car after work on Tuesday, the thermometer on the dash read 109 degrees. Toasty.
    Walking to my car after work this afternoon, I felt something I haven’t felt in the longest time: a raindrop … then another, and another, and another. Really, truly, absolutely, it was raining.
    And it was glorious – brief, but glorious.
    So often when we get caught in the rain, we hurry for shelter or quickly open the umbrella. Not today. I consciously slowed my pace, and savored each cooling drop.
    Within 15 minutes, even before I got home, the rain had disappeared, and the sun had come back out in force.
    We’re not out of the sauna yet, but there’s hope.


  1. I stood in the rain on Saturday and felt like I was in the shower, the water a powerful, cool spray.