Tuesday, August 3, 2010

 After decades of relying on my feet and my car, I’ve recently added a bike to my list of transport options.
    To ease my way back into bicycle mode, my veteran two-wheeler husband suggested we tool around the neighborhood together, where traffic is light.
    We headed out on a hot, muggy Sunday, and I discovered that riding a bicycle is like, well, riding a bicycle – once you start pedaling, it all comes back to you.   
    One of my mantras is “I have no need for speed.” (I’ve been lapped by my kids on those mini go-kart tracks.) So when we reached the top of a long hill a few blocks from home, I anticipated braking all the way down.
    Instead, I gave in, just a little, to the demons of speed.
    There’s nothing like a bike when it comes to creating your own breeze.

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