Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back yards, like children, need their independence. Let them grow as they will (within reason) and the results may surprise you.
    I granted our back yard much independence this summer, “inspired,” in part, by the oppressive heat and humidity we so often slogged through. In return, the yard gave me … serendipity.
    While mowing the back lawn recently, I spotted a beautiful white flower climbing up the garage. I don’t remember seeing it before, and I’m certain I did not plant it.
    I came back with my camera and focused in, enjoying the contrast of delicate blossoms against weathered wood. What I saw next surprised me: a praying mantis perched within, his (?) greens and browns blending perfectly.
    As I looked through the lens again, he turned his insectoid head and looked right back. Whoa.
    Serendipity squared.
P.S. Last Sunday I noticed the same white flower rambling beautifully through the front garden at my church. Thanks to two veteran gardeners who happened to be chatting nearby, I learned the flower's name: clematis.


  1. Oh, I love wild clematis. It bloomed outside my front door every September. My pine tree, one of a line of pine trees planted in the 1930s, had cascades of clematis growing on its south side. Although it was about 15 feet away, I could smell those sweet flowers from my porch.

    I don't like her son, but I like my ex-mother-in-law. She had this same flower in her bridal bouquet. She got married during WWII, and also, naturally frugal, made her own bouquet from what was growing nearby at the time.

    Thank you for your beautiful words and photos.

  2. Wild clematis is a pretty nifty dividend. Yep, I like to see nature taking its own course. Great words and images to go to bed by. Thanks Cathy.