Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A dog running full out is a joy to behold.
    I saw that Sunday as I was walking through the neighborhood with Louie, our resident canine. As we approached one corner house, I caught a flash of white fur on the porch, and knew just what was coming next.
    The Shetland sheepdog who lives there – let’s call her Lassie in miniature – came tearing down the steps. She fairly flew toward us, her gorgeously groomed coat flowing back in the breeze. On her face: a doggish smile.
    Louie and this Lassie meet like this regularly, and their routine rarely varies:
    She bounds down to the fence. Tail wagging commences. They touch noses excitedly for a moment or two. She prances back and forth, waiting to see which way we’re headed. Then Louie, like any good gentleman caller, pees on her fence.
    Smooth, Lou. Real smooth.
Dapper Lou

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