Sunday, February 6, 2011

Momentary "Oy":
Take yesterday, when I experienced a semi-senior moment.
My husband and I had walked down to the diner for breakfast. The morning was wet and sloppy, and I had used my umbrella.
I hung it with my husband's coat to drip dry, and by the time I paid the check, I was ready to walk out without it. (My husband, bless him, spotted it and brought it with him.) 
 As we were about a block into our walk home, I thought -- and then said out loud -- Oh! Do you have my umbrella?
  Then I noticed: It was open -- and in my hand!
Ah, the joy of the 50s.


  1. Great story! Gave me a great smile to start off Monday.

  2. guffaw. Like looking for the pencil that is in your hand.