Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A wedding, like the one much of the world witnessed last weekend, is a joyous affair, an extraordinary day.
A marriage, as anyone who's been married longer than William and Catherine can tell you, is ever a work in progress, full of ordinary days. 
That's not to say it's all work and no joy. Quite the contrary. Those ordinary days hold some of the sweetest moments.
Our daughter gave me this happy mug.
A couple Fridays ago my husband had the day off, though I still had to work my shift at the library. He needed the car to run errands, so he gave me a ride in. It was an ordinary day, which in my case means leaving for work with only minutes to spare. One of the last things I crammed into those final minutes was brewing a mug of tea to go. Then off we went.
As I put my lunch in the refrigerator at work, it hit me. I had left my mug of tea in the car's cup holder. Dang. Then I thought, wouldn't it be lovely if he notices and brings it back?
Less than five minutes later, the library door opened. It was my husband, smiling and handing me my missed mug.
"You are the best!" I said, and kissed him. 
I knew there was a reason I married him -- 26 years ago today.
Happy anniversary.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Isn't it the truth, it is the small things, like when your husband steals your pillow in the middle of the night and you laugh about it the next day... .

  2. Hahahaha. The code I just typed in to post the last comment was "bundance"

  3. What a great story! Happy Anniversary indeed! Hope you are well.

  4. Thanks to you both!

    "Bundance," huh? Do programmers come up with those things or is HAL developing a sense of humor?