Monday, August 1, 2011

Louie, in full-fur mode.

To each his own, they say. "They" may not have been thinking of dogs when they said it, but it certainly fits.
While working at my computer in the kitchen the other morning, I heard Louie, our resident canine, noising about under the table. Slowly the sound sank in: claws clattering on the floor, followed by a thump. Clatter, thump. Clatter, thump. He was rolling in something.
Recalling that one of our resident felines has been having fur ball issues, I had a good idea of just what he had found. 
Sure enough, I crawled under the table and met Louie standing over the remnant of a fur ball. He stared at me, clearly about to dive back in for more.
"Leave it." I said, in my I-mean-business voice.
He did.
He's such a good boy. 
If Louie had a Facebook account,
he might choose this shot for his profile.

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