Monday, February 13, 2012

Crocuses made an early entrance this year.

It seems Punxsutawney Phil was right after all.
Back on Feb. 2, the famous Pennsylvania groundhog reportedly saw his shadow, signifying six more weeks of winter. That prediction coming after a pair of lovely 60-degree days, it's easy to see why some us may have doubted him.
After Phil made his shadowy forecast, I saw crocuses dotting a neighbor's lawn. A friend reported she had snapdragons in bloom, and picked rosemary fresh from her garden. My daffodils and other bulbs had already sent up tender shoots.
Call it a case of premature, cautious joy. Those blooms were beautiful to see, yet I feared for their well-being. It was only February, after all. Could we get off that easy? Could winter really be on its way out?
The answer to those questions became clear amid Saturday's snow and Sunday's icy winds. Winter is with us still.
But that's all right with me. 
I suspect my pleasure in spring comes in direct proportion to the harshness of winter. I like to earn my balmy temperatures. (You can't melt if you haven't frozen.)
Winter has been rather gentle with us this year. We can handle whatever it has left in its pockets.
And come March 20, we can celebrate spring for real.

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  1. only a few days off now from "real" spring - not this fake spring we've had all winter. I love that picture of the crocuses. Yeah, we didn't work for spring this year. It is just so easy sometimes ...