Thursday, March 29, 2012

It does pay to look down.

The day was blustery, but my car kept out the cold.
Stopped at a corner, I peered through the windshield, watching swirls of white flurry across the road.
Drifts gathered and grew by the curb.
Not snow. Cherry blossoms.
After seeing those petals fly this morning, I drove home, grabbed my camera, and went in search of more pink and white beauty.
At one point I stood (carefully) in the middle of a quiet street. The wind gusted, and I found myself in a cherry blossom snow globe. Fallen petals whirled into the air, then fell back to the street, some of them rolling -- yes, rolling -- on their edges before plopping flat against the dark asphalt.
  Every breeze brings a new constellation.
You can connect the dots.
Spring pink on blue sky.

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