Wednesday, September 19, 2012

At a gathering this summer, I happened to walk into the middle of a conversation.
"Now I have a reason to go to Maine," a friend said. "The lobster roll!" 
Hearing that, my mind takes me to the annual Easter egg roll held on the White House lawn. Briefly, I think perhaps the lobster roll is some kind of summer event held in Maine.
I mention this, and start to laugh as another friend explains that, no, "lobster roll" is definitely something to eat.
Meanwhile, the first friend starts laughing, too, describing how a lobster roll could work -- or not work. Length-wise would definitely be the preferred rolling technique, she says, making circles with her hands. End-over-end would likely end badly. Those dang claws … 
I'm so glad my brain leans toward the ludicrous.
And, for the record, no lobsters were harmed during our conversation.

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