Thursday, October 18, 2012

It does pay to look up these days.
Blue skies are back, in all their azure glory. 
(A friend who read my last posting suggested I try "azure," since cerulean was on back order in recent weeks. Good idea.)
Those blue skies beckoned yesterday, when I took our dog, Louie, out to the front yard. We have no fence, and he is a terrier who fairly flies at the sight of a squirrel, cat, or UPS truck, which means he goes outside on a leash.
I had planned on just a brief visit, various errands also beckoning. Once he was done his business, I turned and headed toward the porch, Louie in tow. As I reached the top step I felt a tug on the leash behind me. I turned. There was Lou, plunked down on a sunny step. I gently tugged. He firmly stayed put.
"I don't blame you," I said, and stepped down to sit next to him, scratching him behind his party hat ears.
I decided to let both of us stay out there a bit. I yanked some weeds; he soaked up the sun.
Dogs know a good thing when they see one.
Louie in bask mode.

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