Monday, November 5, 2012

The ghosts are back.

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, Halloween got an extension around here.
In our town, trick-or-treating was moved to Saturday afternoon, the better to keep everyone safe from darkened streets and downed trees. Smart idea.
On Sunday, the day before Sandy struck, our house looked so barren. Anything that could be blown away we had carefully stowed inside, either in the house or the garage.
By Halloween, the winds and rain had subsided for the most part (we miraculously did not lose power), and it felt safe to venture outdoors again. At first, the only people I saw were dog walkers (necessity always calls), runners, and drivers of power trucks. Little by little, a sense of normalcy returned.
Gargoyle on guard
Remembering the season, I decided to put things back in place.
Gargoyle on the top step?
Giant spider hanging from porch ceiling?
Ghosts fluttering above railings?
Political lawn signs?
It looked like home again.
Years ago I worked for newspapers, where weather stories come with the territory. (Granted, those stories aren't always as dramatic as a hurricane. You could have to call a hardware store to find out about the shortage of snow shovels in January, or air-conditioners in August.)
In the midst of one hurricane season in the newsroom, I heard this wry gem:
"What did hurricanes sound like before there were freight trains?"
(I wish I could remember who said that, so I could give the writer credit.)

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