Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pennsylvania proud
One of my pet peeves: Politicians who plant campaign signs on public property.
In my humble opinion, if you can't find supporters who will let you use their front yards, that just might be ... a sign.
Campaign workers for one candidate in my area showed a fondness for plastering his name on median strips and even those lovely garden-like traffic circles found in small towns.
I'll confess to a bit of civil disobedience in the run-up to Election Day. Coming across yet another of that candidate's signs on public space, I parked my car, plucked up the sign, and left it lying there amid the fall plantings. (You couldn't accuse me of stealing.)
Last night, I noticed that same candidate lost his election, in a big way.
I call it karma.
After a long Election Day and night, I ventured out to our front lawn to pick up the paper and read more about the results.
Heading back in, I noticed that we had never brought in our mail from the day before. As I flipped through the envelopes, the return address of "" caught my eye.
Enclosed was a bumper sticker I'd been expecting for weeks: a simple blue "D" in a circle.
A little late, I thought, but still usable. There will be other elections.
For those of us in Pennsylvania, it was a proud day to be a Democrat. Just wish a few other states had gotten the memo.