Monday, March 21, 2011

Mom-entary joy ...
Part 1:
Our 20-something daughter and a friend recently drove to Miami Beach for spring break. 
As a mother, you get years of practice in letting go. That doesn't mean it's easy.
As she was getting ready to leave, I channeled my maternal anxieties into looking for more things I could send with her. I scoured the cupboards, offering her a box of cereal, energy bars, sun block, aloe vera for sunburn.
I looked around one last time and said, "Need anything else?"
She smiled and said, "A hug from you."
Motherhood has its moments.
Part 2:
The sound of a car coming up the drive is fairly routine.
When you're waiting for your daughter to return from a road trip to Florida, that sound brings pure joy.
She's safe, sound, and back at school.
Maternal agita notwithstanding, I'm glad she had the adventure.

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  1. Home safe ! Another hug is in order. I love "looking down" picture.