Monday, April 22, 2013

Once again, it pays to look down.
Seen in passing …
The invisible made visible, thanks to a passel of cherry blossom petals.
As I walked through my neighborhood this morning, I saw those pink petals playing ring-around-the-rosie in the street. Their game lasted just a few breezy seconds before they all fell down.
The wind doesn't just blow, it swirls.
Pretty in pink
As a writer and editor, I strive for accuracy. After I wrote this post, I questioned whether the petals I saw were from a cherry or a crab apple tree (to my eyes they're similar).
I headed out and found the tree in question. Feeling bold, I rang the doorbell of the house where the tree lives. When one of the owners answered the door, I introduced myself, and explained my quest. 
She happily replied that indeed, the tree is a weeping cherry. We chatted for a bit, and she encouraged me to come back when the wisteria is in bloom around their porch.
I could have used the internet to answer my question, but it was so much nicer to meet a fellow human.


  1. Pretty in pink indeed! Wonderful photos.

    Thanks for joy today.


  2. I love the back end of flowers. So often ignored. Thanks

  3. Me, too! Love those little stars hidden back there.

  4. cathy, just read your profile in ablibs, always a terrific read. i knew your husband ken when i worked at the record on easton road. you've had a great career as a journalist. i'm an award-losing poet and just wrote a poem about Lilacs on my own blog. And i love wisteria, as you mentioned in today's post, and i have a sweet-smelling slipping on the window sill over the kitchen sink. i look f/w to reading more posts!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Ruth -- and for leaving a note! I remember you from the Record days.
      Lilacs are on my mind, too, and most likely will appear in a future post.
      Great minds ....