Sunday, May 12, 2013

If only there were a scratch-and-sniff option on this blog ...
Unless you suffer from seasonal allergies, I highly recommend going outside and taking a deep breath.
If you're lucky, you may be in the vicinity of a lilac, and your nose will ascend to heaven. Those delicate lavender and white blossoms are about to leave us for another year, so gather that glorious scent while ye may.
I'm fortunate to be able to simply walk onto my front porch and inhale, thanks to a lovely lilac I transplanted from my folks' house about 20 years ago.
Mowing our front lawn last week proved less of a chore each time I ducked under those perfumed branches. 
Knowing how fleeting they are makes them that much sweeter. Savor them, because you can only experience lilacs once a year.
Unless …
A couple years ago, I serendipitously discovered a way to double that pleasure. All it took was a trip out west to visit family in Idaho and Washington state (a more than momentary joy).
It was late May, and the lilacs back home were long gone, just a fond olfactory memory. Now, I knew the Northwestern climate was cooler than ours, but never thought about what that would mean in terms of spring flowers.
Until I stepped out of our car in northern Idaho and caught a familiar, heavenly scent: lilac -- again! The bush by my father-in-law's apartment was just beginning to bloom. I felt doubly blessed, given the gift of lilacs squared.
So, if you really love lilacs, you only have to travel 2,500 miles to get a second helping.
'Twas well worth the trip.


  1. Ah, lilacs! They are said to represent peace, harmony and happiness.
    You should pursue that scratch and sniff idea. I'm going to see a movie soon, and I'm told it may provide a scratch and sniff card. Yowser!
    Nice to see another post. Keep it up.

    1. Yowser indeed. Though it may become a case of sensory overload. Thanks for reading, NF!

  2. what a joy seeing the foto of the lilac! i could almost smell it, cathy! for mother's day, yesterday, i brot my 90-yo mom a flower arrangement from my yard. the centerpiece was the very last lavendar-colored sprig remaining on my small tree out back, some b'ful yellow buttercups, red azalea, and delicate ferns that, unfortly, spread like weeds. my vase was a lovely english tea tin someone gave me yrs ago.

    1. So glad you liked it, Ruth.
      The Mother's Day gift for your mom sounds lovely.
      And, thank you for becoming an official follower.
      Made my day.

  3. Thank you for the lovely tribute to the lilac! We had a big old lilac bush in our back yard when I was a kid. Every spring it graced us with the most beautiful flowers, and every summer it served as a soccer goal post. The other goal post was a mock orange bush on the other slide of the yard. To this day, I equate lilacs with carefree childhood days! Thank you for taking me back in time! LLAY

    1. You're most welcome.
      The lilac at my childhood home often served as third base during wiffle ball games.
      Thanks for reading -- and leaving a note!