Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The symbol of winter 2013-14.
A friend reminded me recently of something I wrote a couple years back: that I appreciate cold winters because I like to earn my spring.
I take it back.
After weeks of shoveling snow and chopping ice, followed by more weeks of shoveling snow and chopping ice, we have more than earned our spring.
I confess even the dusting we got today made my teeth clench.
It has been a challenging winter, which made looking for momentary joys all the more important.
Fortunately the universe came through, and I’ll share a few hopeful moments.

1. Sitting in a sunny church pew, I glanced down and saw a small spot of color … moving. Orange, with black polka dots, a ladybug trundled along the wood grain. She crawled onto my inviting finger, then navigated the hills and valleys of my sweater sleeve. I lost track of her for a bit, until a friend behind me gently tapped me on the shoulder, pointing out the tiny visitor perched there. She stayed throughout the service, and afterward I found a sunny window ledge for her to explore.

2. After another round of chopping ice floes on our sloping sidewalk, I headed toward the front porch. Hopping in front of me, all the way to the steps, was a plump robin. She took flight, and I took shelter, with the hope of spring planted.

3. In the midst of a dreary day, I got an email from a dear friend. I love the image in her closing words: “There are flowers waiting under the frozen ground. I know it.” 

We all have earned those flowers. May they bloom soon.

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  1. I've missed my Momentary Joy! The whole day brightened when this morning I read about ladybugs and ice floes. "Never yet was a springtime, when the buds forgot to bloom." SY