Thursday, May 13, 2010

Seen in passing …
A girl, maybe 14, walking slowly toward school. She is tall, oh so obviously taller than most of the girls in her class, possibly most of the boys as well. She moves in a slow-motion lope, shoulders slightly slumped, head slightly dipped down.
And on her larger than average feet? Bright, neon pink sneakers.
Those sneakers are a beacon,  a contradiction, a counterpoint to any effort to diminish herself. Her beaming pink shoes fairly shouted: “Look at me! I’m here.”
Gangly angles, with a core of grace.


  1. Oh boy that brought such an image to mind, Cathy.

  2. I went to a wedding in Vegas on Saturday. The groom, an artist, wore a beautiful gray summer suit. On his feet? shocking pink Converse sneakers. The bride was a vision in white taffeta. On her feet? shocking pink high heels.

  3. Quite the color statement.
    I just flashed on a car from my childhood: a pink and gray Nash. Snazzy.