Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tonight I moved from sunlight to candlelight, to moonlight.
    Around 7, I walked up to my church for the monthly Taize Prayer. Inspired by the monastic community in Taize, France, the service combines silence, chants and prayers, with an emphasis on silence.
    As sunlight faded, the sanctuary glowed, with dozens of candles cascading down the steps of the altar. It’s a sight to behold – and an hour of light and peace.
    Afterward, heading back down the hill, I saw the moon high overhead. The sky still held onto light from the day, but trees stood in inky black silhouette. The dark waited in the wings.
    Before I reached home, one more kind of light caught my eye. Tiny, fleeting and yellow-white, flashing about three feet from the ground: my first firefly of the season.


  1. Kathy, you've captured the beauty of life's seemingly small moments that are fantastic when encountered with a present mind. Thank you for sharing them.