Thursday, May 6, 2010

What was lost has been found. Hallelujah!
I just found my reading glasses, which have been among the missing for about three weeks. (They’re prescription, so I couldn’t just pop into CVS and get a new pair.)
I spend much of my life with a short list running in my head of things that are missing. Perennial favorites: keys, cell phone, glasses (driving), glasses (sun), glasses (reading).
I recently hung a basket that I use as a “control center” of sorts, a central location for all things easily losable. It works … sometimes.
My eyes have been missing those reading glasses, so I started the hunt anew when I got home from work today. Something told me I would find them (though that something didn’t specify where).
I headed to the laundry room and decided to re-rifle the pile of stuff that has been sitting on the dryer. (Yes, I had rifled through it already, but you never know.)
Lo and behold, eureka and all that. I picked up an old tiger beach towel and the glasses appeared, in all their cool blue glory.
My eyes are happy.

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  1. Hallaluja (wish I could spell that) is right! I was looking for my "TO DO" book and my "Book List" book for a week now. They popped up today. I almost wish the ToDo book had stayed lost ...